Holly 21 May 1958 0630
Yellowwood 26 May 1958 1400

Tobacco 30 May 1958 1415

Rose 3 June 1958 0645

Umbrella 9 June 1958 1115

Teak 31 July 1958 2350

Orange 11 August 1958 2330


Androscoggin 2 October 1962 0616

Bumping 6 October 1962 0602

Chama 18 October 1962 0601

Following site lists service-connected illnesses/disease related to atomic testing in which Lansing took part.
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To all shipmates who aboard during the 1958 and 1962 nuclear tests in the South Pacific:
Quite a few of our shipmates have died of cancer. Many of these were probably linked to our participation
in the nuclear testing. You are eligible for care from the VA, if you so desire. A service friend of mine
urged me to get registered with the VA. They had (or have) an 18 month freeze on intakes but if you tell them
you are an Atomic Vet, they will probably process your intake right away as they did with mine. Within 3 weeks
of applying, they had me report to the VA Medical Center for a complete physical and offered me medical care if
I desired it. If you haven't registered with the VA, I urge you to do so. Contact your local Veterans Service
Officer (many times located at the local courthouse) to get registered. You will need your DD-214 at the time you
register. If your DD-214 is getting fragile, as mine is, the VSO will help you get a registered copy from your local
Register of Deeds or whoever maintains legal records in your county. You can then put your DD-214 in a safe place and
use the certified copy in the future. A copy will also be maintained in the Register of Deeds office. If you have
any questions, my email address is listed in the reunion info on a previous page. /s/ Terry Moberg