Record 93
Date: 07/31/22
Name: Bill Baker LT 1962-1965
From: Norman, Oklahoma
Comments: ASW Officer, Weapons Officer. At the decommissioning I had been a member of the wardroom the longest time. I was released from active duty when mothballing was finished. Great memories.

Record 92
Date: 06/04/20
Name: Thure Brinck LT 1963-1965
From: Philippines
Comments: Was Engineer Officer. Put her out of commission in Bremerton.

Record 91
Date: 04/03/20
Name: Bill Smit AG2 1962-1963
From: United Kingdom

Record 90
Date: 10/01/04
Name: William L. Groff RM3 1961-1963
From: Texas

Record 89
Date: 09/23/04
Name: Tony E. Poole CW04 USMC Ret. 1964-65
From: Greenville, SC
Comments: I was part of a Ct group assigned to the ship for special ops.

Record 88
Date: 09/17/04
Name: William Harvey DC2 1960-1964 DER-386
From: Deptford, NJ
Comments: Very nice, didn't serve on this ship but spent 4 years on the Savage DER-386
Our reunion is in Jacksonville, Florida the 25th of Sept 2004. Enjoyed
being a DER sailor, was my first ship. Stayed for a career. You have
a good website.

Record 87
Date: 09/13/04
Name: William R. Riddle 1964 CT2(Major, USA, Ret)
From: Arizona weekends, Working at camp Pendleton, CA
Comments: Fondly remember my month in Lansing, DIW every night taking 45 degreee rolls
Proudly show my shellback card, which was in my wallet thruought both of my VN tours

Record 86
Date: 02/10/2000
Name: Bob Stowman
From: Brockway, PA
Ref: Just surfed on it
Comments: I found your site as a link from the USS Durant web page, and also
due to an e-mail from Terry Moberg.I like the page, it is very well
done. I think it would be nice if you had a link to the Durant on your
page. Good luck with your project.

Record 85
Date: 02/10/00
Name: David Kozlovich
From: Manchester, CT
Referred From a friend
Comments: Served aboard the USS Forster De334 during WW2. Fabulous home
home page you have. We are having our ships reunion at Nashville, Indiana Sept 2000. Will
recommend your home page to others.

Record 84
Date: 06-17-04
Name: Billy CrownoverEN3, CWO2 USN ret. 1960-1963
From: Shreveport, LA
Referred Terry called me
Comments: I was searching the deck logs to see when we were at Johnson Island.
I thought there was only one blast, but to my suprprise I found 5.
Does anyone know where our Film Badges and DT-60's are located?
There are a lot of memories on this web site. Thanks Terry.

Record 83
Date: 05-02-04
Name: Joseph BettersRM3 1965-86
From: Cape Cod, MA
Referred: Vance links page
Comments: Terry it has been a long time since I've been on Lansing's site.
It sure has changed over the years and the information is first class.
To see what the 487 was up to surf to
I am searching for ALL Vance crewmemebers.
May God bless those who are protecting us now.

Record 82
Date: 02-07-04
Name: Albert F. ManolosRM1 1956
From: Walnut, CA
Like to hear from: Bob Sutherland ET1
Comments: Also like to hear from any RM that served on the Lansing DER-388
in Long Beach, CA. 1956 pre-commissioning detail.

Record 81
Date: 02-05-04
Name: Larry LewisEN3 1962-1964
From: Cave-in-Rock, Illinois

Record 80
Date: 10-07-03
Name: Gerald WegnerETN2 1963-1965
From: Hutchinson, MN

Record 79
Date: 10-06-03
Name: Walter Chappell RD2 1957-1958
From: Chester, VA
Referred: Newsletter

Record 78
Date: 10-04-03
Name: Frank Mickley ICFN 1957-1959
From: Colorado

Record 77
Date: 8-06-03
Name: Edward Miller SOM3 1945-1946
Comments: I picked up the Lansing in Boston to go to the Pacific.They were removing
the torpedo tubes to replace them with a quad 40MM, and they added a British
model 147B "sword" gear.A very special piece of anti sub equipment. Each unit
came with a British trained operator. In this case it was me. I remember Lt
Moscowitz was the Exec, Steven Karkee(sp) Captain and as the only Navy man on
the USCG manned ship, he was not sure my orders were not an error. I stayed with
her to the Pacific and back to green Cove, through her decommissioning. We were in
San Diego when the war ended, but went to Pearl anyway.

Record 76
Date: 2-02-03
Name: Larry Macheroux FN 1960-1962
From: Woodstock Illinois

Record 75
Date: 1-23-03
Name: Larry Littlefield ETR3 1964-1965
Referred by Terry Moberg
Comments: Served on USS DIxie AD-14 following Lansing decommissioning. Went to work
at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. Retired from PSNS in 1995.

Record 74
Date: 1-19-03
Name: Guillot, Newton (Cotton) Peter SN 1943-1945
Looking for: Anyone serving on this ship when it was designated a destroyer escort. 1943-1945
Comments: My father served on the USS Lansing when she was a destroyer escort 1943-1945, stationed
in North Atlantic/Mediterranean theater. I am interested to know if the remaining crew from that era
has photographs of the ship or a collective photo of the crew. My Father is now dead but my family
would not mind viewing this information. Thank you Bob Guillot, former LT USNR

Record 73
Date: 11-14-02
Name: Rich Peffall Comments: My dad Hale T Peffall SR. served on the Lanisng from 1943 until the
end of the war

Record 72
Date: 11-20-02
Name: Jerry Langford Ltjg 1964-1965
From: Evansville, IN
Reffered by Newsletter
Comments: Put her into mothballs. Would enjoy hearing from anyone on her during '64/65

Record 71
Date: 11-12-02
Name: Ronald Bitzius SN USNR 1956-1958
From: Northern California
Comments You found me

Record 70
Date: 11-11-02
Name: Anthony(Tony) R. Bailey1963-1965 CWO4 USN (Ret)
From: Pensacola, FL
Comments Co at the time I was on board CDR. R.T. Shultz. It was a good tour
of duty, alot of duty stations passed since then when thinking about my 27
years of active duty, she has a spot in my thoughts.

Record 69
Date: 11-09-02
Name: Jimmie Lee Turpin SOG2 1960-1963
From: Oro Valley, AZ (near Tucson)
Referred by: Terry Morberg
Comments: I was on board the USS Lansing from 1960-1963, am retired and still
healthy at 62.

Record 68
Date: 11-08-02
Name: Russell D. Harris AGC/USN Ret 1959-1961
From: Des Moines,Iowa

Record 67
Date: 11-04-02
Name: Brian Spooner EM
From: Toronto, Canada
Referred: From the Vance website
Comments: Enjoyed your site although I didn't serve aboard the Lansing. I was
aboard Vance during the middle to late 60's and spent all of my Navy time aboard
the DER's. I do have good memories of the Lansing as well as the other DER's that
sailed out of Pearl Harbour.

Record 66
Date: 11-01-02
Name: Jack Peterson EM3 1958-1959
From: Lakeview, OR

Record 65
Date: 10-22-02
Name: Sam Bowers NCC 1959-1962 USN Ret.

Record 64
Date: 10-14-02
Name: Stan Correll SOG2 1958-1961
From: Schulenburg, TX
Comments: Great Site! I served on U.S.S. Forster DER334 '58 to '61 - SOG2- Hope to hear fr some
Forster mates.

Record 63
Date: 10-09-02
Name: Richard Simon RD1 1960-1962
From: San Antonio, TX
Comments: Hi Terry

Record 62
Date: 09-29-02
Name: Frank Tucker RMC (Ret) 1961-1962
From: Tigard,Oregon
Referred by: Terry Moberg
Comments: Served for a short time on Vance and Lansing.

Record 61
Date: 09-28-02
Name: Jerry Trailor ETCS (Ret)
From: North Carolina
Referred: USS Vance website
Comments: Served on Vance 60-62 Durant 62-64

Record 60
Date: 09-08-02
Name: Gerald Goschie SOG3 1961-1963
From: Gilbert, Arizona
Comments: I Remember the trip to Japan.

Record 59
Date: 09-03-02
Name: Leonard Patricelli EM2 1952-1954
From: Grapeview, WA
Referred by: Terry Moberg
Comments: Would like to hear from people that were aboard at that time.

Record 58
Date: 06-30-02
Name: Rick Martin ET2 1961-1962
From: Las Vegas, Nevada
Comments: Would like to hear from any shipmates.

Record 57
Date: 05-02-02
Name: Angeleus Bernard EMC 1958-1959
From: North Carolina
Found: Via Lansing News

Record 56
Date: 04-27-02
Name: Robert Kizzer RD2 1956-1957
From: New York
Comments: Good Job Terry

Record 55
Date: 04-07-02
Name: Rudy Castillo 1963 AG2
From: Fresno, California
Comments: I read comments about fond memories of the barrier patrols. My memory
goes back to the Honolulu and Waikiki liberties and the Hawaiian culture, mostly princess
Pupuli's papaya.

Record 54
Date: 02-09-02
Name: Jack Peterson 1958-1959
From: Lakeview, OR
Referred by: Terry Moberg
Comments: Fun years! Also spent 6 months on the USS Newell in 1959. Fun as
it was, decided not to make a career of it.

Record 53
Date: 02-08-02
Name: Don Petri 1956-1958
From: Decatur, IL

Record 52
Date: 01-16-02
Name: Layne Blankinship 1961-1963
From: Hamlin,TX
Referred by: Terry Moberg
Comments: I was a Sonarman aboard the Lansing, was there when Doc Libbey died.
Would love to get in touch with Gunners mate Twigg, or anyone who I served with.

Record 51
Date: 01-02-02
Name: Ron Smolka RM3 1961-1962
From: Livonia, MI
Referred by: Moberg found me.
Would like to talk to: Anyone
Comments: The very best shipmates I had were on the Lansing. It was a
pleasure to serve with them. I always thought the radio gang was a tight
knit crew.

Record 50
Date: 12-27-01
Name: Larry Gregory EN2 1956-1960

Record 49
Date: 12-23-01
Name: David Michel FTG3 1962-1964
From: O'Neill, NE
Referred by: Terry Moberg
Comments: Terry, thanks for your web-site, was on the Lansing from 62 to 64. Oh
what fun we had rockin' and rollin' in the North Pacific.

Record 48
Date: 12-11-01 Name: John Ward ETR2 1961-1964
From: Austin,Texas
Referred by: Bulletin from Terry
Comments: This visit does bring back a flood of memories! Thanks, Terry
for all your work.

Record 47
Date: 12-10-01
Name: Terry Moberg RM2 1960-1963
From: Minnesota
Comments: Thank you for visiting our website. IF you have an email address
that you don't mind sharing with us, please send it to me. Our address list
is for members only and not used for commercial purposes.

Record 46
Date: 12-10-01
Name: Wavern Baker FN 1959-1960
From: Ft. Lauderdale, FLA

Record 45
Date: 12-06-01
Name: Frederick Oginz SM3 1943-1945
From: Redding, CA
Comments: Great memories serving aboard the DE388. Was a Charter member
picking her up in Houston, TX. It was cold sleeping on that bare ship before
she was outfitted. Served 1943 to 1945

Record 44
Date: 12-03-01
Name: Robert Sutherland ET1 1956-1958
From: Anaheim, CA
Comments: I have really appreciated this web site. I have been writing my Bio and I have
been able to receive pictures of all My ships except for USS Pollack SS-180 thro the Navy
archives. Thank you very much. Bob Sutherland

Record 43
Date: 12-01-01
Name: Ronald A. Schilke IC3 USS Lowe DER325 1955-1957
From: Fort Myers, FLA.
Would like to hear from: Any DE/WDE/DER/APD Sailors
Comments: Your site is great for us DE sailors and enjoyed your ship layout
page. Keep up the good work, and our memories alive!

Record 42
Date: 03-19-01
Name: Royce Lockart Ens. 1954
From: Wilmington, DE
Referred by:

Record 41
Date: 03-16-01
Name: Royce Fish QM3 1943-1945
From: Rockville, MD
Referred by: Terry Moberg
Comments: I was on the Lansing when it was first commissioned
on Nov 10, 1943 and transferred off on June 26,1945. You have
done a great job on the site upgrade. It's always good to hear
from the WWII DE 388 people.

Record 40
Date: 03-02-01
Name: Gordon Dean Sonarman 2nd 1943-1946
From: North Palm Beach, FL
Referred By: surfing
Comments: I served on the Lansing from 1943-1946. I helped put it
in mothballs in Green Cove Springs, FL. My rate was Sonarman 2nd class and I served
all during WWII. It has been so long since I had any contact from my ex crew that
I have forgot most of them but I remember Hernbrode. I also remember some of the
officers including Sandbar Sands who was the Captain. If you have any contact
with the first crew please let me know.

Record 39
Date: 02-25-01
Name: Peter S. Tibbetts AT2
From: Gloucester, MA
Referred by: Browsing through the DEW LINE pages
Comments: Always interested in the good old Coast Guard Ships,
I was stationed on the CGC General Greene (WSC140) in 1958

Record 38
Date: 02-25-01
Name: C.R. Gulley QMSN 1952-1954
From: Wisconsin
Referred by:

Record 37
Date: 02-17-01
Name: Bob Mustain HTC, (USN ret) 1961-1962
From: Hanahan, SC
Referred by: Surfed on it
Comments: On Board 61-62. See ya all in Virginia at the Reunion

Record 36
Date: 2-10-01
Name: Robert Howd RD2 1961-1964
From: Alexandria, VA
Referred by:
Comments: After the Lansing I served in three different squadrons
and five different aircraft carriers. None of the experiences,
camaraderie, and memories are any better than those of the Lansing.
To paraphrase a Lansing motto: There are a lot that are bigger
but none any better.

Record 35
Date: 02-08-01
Name: Wavern J. Baker FN 1959
From: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Referred by: Letter from T.Moberg

Record 34
Name: Richard K Henderson SN 1/c
Date: 02-08-01 From: Des Moines IA
Referred by: He Found me
Comments: Great job Terry, whose Russel Harris from Des Moines, was
he on DER 388 Richard.

Record 33
Name: Don Clark AG3 1958-1959
Date: 02-08-01 From: Chapin, SC
Referred by: T. Moberg
Comment: Thanks for your help and service Terry...

Record 32
Name: Bruce TeSelle RD2 commission to 1961
Date: 02-06-01 From: Houston, TX
Referred by: Referred
Comment: Anybody hear from Charlie Arista??

Record 31
Name: Russel Harris Sn
Date: 02-04-01 From: Des Moines
Referred by: Other
Comment: Good Memories 1959-1961

Record 30
Name: Sumner (Sam) Bowers EN3 USN Ret.
Date: 02-04-01 From: Valparaiso, IN.
Referred by: Referred
Comment: Haven't been able to attend the last couple of reunions
but plan to attend this year. Everyone should know that Terry Moberg
whom organized our association and continues to put his heart
into it has done the most outstanding job that anyone could
] possibly do. 4.0 Terry for your leadership abilities.

Record 29
Name: Larry Gregory EN2
Date: 02-04-01 From:
Referred by: Referred

Record 28
Name: Lt(jg) James A. Gregory
Date: 02-03-01 From: Pahrump, NV (near Las Vegas)
Referred by: Other
Comment: Worse ship I ever served on during my 21 year career.
Retired as Lt(jg) in 1974.

Record 27
Name: Alan S. Klein,CTR1 USNR (ret)
Date: 01-16-01 From: Deerfield Beach, FL
Referred by:other
Comment: Found your website on YAGR'S page. Was a radar picket sailor
from '56 to '58. Enjoyed viewing your site.

Record 26
Name: Ens/Ltjg John Lewis
Date: 01-15-01 From: Portugal
Referred by:Other
Comment: I must be among those famous few who don't get the word
I did not know of prior reunions. BUt may try to make it to the 2001.
Can you tell me more about it? Enjoyed reading the logs. That mid-watch
log for 1959 was my handiwork. It took a lot of time for several days ahead
of time to compose it.

Record 25
Name: John A. Strainer SNRD 2 WDE488
Date: 12-25-00 From: 17848 Bramer Lane, Spring Lake, MI 49456
Referred by: A friend
Comment: WDE488

Record 24
Name: Stan Correll
Date: 12-24-00 From: Schulenburg, Texas
Referred by: Search Engine
Comment: This is a great site. I served on U.S.S. Forster DER 334. Are there
shipmates out there?

Record 23
Name: Charles (Mike) Proffitt RM2
From: Humansville, MO
Date: 11-25-00 Referred by: Friend
Comment: 1960-1962 My thanks to everyone who has visited the website. We should all
try to attend the reunions. They are really enjoyable. Thanks to everyone who
has helped me to put this page together.

Record 22
Name: Bob Goodrich RM2
Date: 11-25-00 Referred by: Friend
From: Bakersfield, CA
Comment: 1962-1965 Nice job on the web site Mike! The DER decklogs are interesting to
read, especially the winter months.

Record 21
Name: William (Bill) Allen SO2
Date: 12-16-00 Referred by: Search engine
From: USS Falgout DER-324
Comments: 1955-1958 The Falgout followed similar course with the Lansing. DE in WWII
manned with USCG crew, then WDE for USCG, then converted to DER and on the DEW
early warning picket duty in Seattle, Pearl Harbor, then duty in VietNam before
being sunk for target practice off Channel Islands. Good ship, good crew, good
memories. Drop me a line.

Record 20
Name: Clyde A Graves En2
Date: 11-23-00 Referred by: other
From: Llano, CA
Comments: Nov. 58 to Sept 62

Record 19
Name:Ronald ("ski") Nadarski AG2
Date: 11-17-00 Referred by: by a friend
From: Sun Lakes, Arizona
Comment: 1963 until Decommisioning. Great web page! I will visit often. Hope to
meet up with former ship mates in the coming year.

Record 18
Name: William(bill) Risch RM1 usn retired
Referred by: Just surfed on it
From: Mich
Time: 2000-11-03
Comments: Looking around and found this one, thanks and keep up the good
work. Served many a north atlantic picket station tours, 17 I think, on the
tj gary der326..Take care..bill

Record 17
Name: Steve Shafer
Referred by:
From: North Carolina
Time: 2000-10-08
Comments: Glad to see the reunion will be in the east next year.
I'm starting now to save for it. Va beach is only a 4 hr drive. steve

Record 16
Name: Evelyn TeSelle
Referred by: From a friend
From: Houston, TX
Time: 2000-10-08
Comments: Very impressive site.job well done. My Husband, Bruce
was on this ship so spent several minutes surfing around. Thanks
for honoring our guys.

Record 15
Name: Jim Hofland
Referred by: Just surfed on it.
From: Bremerton, Washington
Time: 2000-10-08
Comments: Very nice site!

Record 14
Name: Charles R Taliaferro
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Hanford, CA-USA
Time: 2000-10-03

Record 12
Name: Wilson F MCBee
Referred by: Just surfed on it.
From: Sierra Vista, AZ
Time: 2000-08-20

Record 11
Name: Hank Juska
Referred by: Just surfed on it
From: Browns Valley, CA
Time: 2000-06-11
Comments: Great web page. I was supposed to be an RD in the early 60's
aboard Lansing, but I spent mucho time in the radio shack with
Mo, Goodie, and that gang.

Record 10
Name: Nick Napzok
Referred by: signing another Guestbook
From: Los Angeles
Time: 2000-06-03
Comments: I was a fellow DER sailor on the USS Falgout DER-324 from
'66 to '68. I remember many happy?? days steaming up and down the
Viet Nam coast blockading the might Viet Cong Navy. Those were the
days, huh? Smooth sailing and good luck to all my fellow DER sailors.

Record 9
Name: Donald Ruth
Referred by: Just Surfed on it
From: Michigan
Time: 2000-02-13
Comments: Served aboard 1958 1962 Terry Moberg FOrwarded message that
site was updated

Record 8
Name: Paul N Pate
Referred by: Just Surfed on it.
From: Pensacla, FLA
Time: 2000-02-12
Comments: The update on the web page is great.

Record 7
Name: David Kozlovich
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Manchester, CT.
Time: 2000-02-10
Comments: Served aboard the USS Forster DE334 during WW2. Fabulous
home page you have. We are having our ships reunion at Nashville
Indiana sept,2000. Weill recommend your home page to others.

Record 6
Name: Bob Stowman
Referred by: Just Surfed On It
From: Brockway, PA
Time: 2000-02-10
Comments: I found your site as a link from the USS Durant web
page, and also due to an e.mail from Terry Moberg. I like the
page, it is very well done. I think it would be nice if you had
a link to the Durant on your page. Good luck with your project

Record 5
Name: Bernie Huisingh
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Washington State
Time: 2000-02-09
Comments: I was aboard the USS Haverfield(DER 393) 1956-1959
I dont remember too much about the Lansing except transferring
radar parts as the Haverfield was coming off patrol and the
Lansing was going on patrol. Transfered parts at Neah Bay
Wa. I was the engineer on the motor whaleboat

Record 4
Name: Steven Shafer
Referred by: From a Friend
From: North Carolina
Time: 2000-02-08
Comments: I love the web page, the pictures bring back a lot
of memories(was on the lansing sept 1962-feb 1962.)also spent
time on the uss newell. I will be at the 2001 reunion steve

Record 3
Name: Mark Stephenson
Referred by: Net Search
From: Salisbury, Maryland
Time: 2000-02-08
Comments: We have communicated before Terry and I get periodic
messages from you. I am going to join the org. and wonder
a lot about the crew of 61-63

Record 2
Name: Robert Krogman
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Las Vegas
Time: 2000-02-08
Comments: None

Record 1
Name: Vincent Guglielmo
Referred by:From a Friend
From: Brunswick GA.
Time: 2000-02-07
Comments: Very interesting Terry. I'm enjoying your web very much.
Thanks Vince USS-Lansing